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Bath Botanical Gin Distillery

We loved this shop and you must visit when you can! Just a few minutes by car from Bath, it's tucked away in Widcombe - although we found it easily enough having spotted the cute advertising bike on the way in. Walking through the door was like stepping back in time. We were fascinated by the large gin distiller which positively gleamed (some serious polishing must go into that).

We were invited to taste a rage of gins around the room although I didn't quite master the straw method! We spent ages in there, exploring the shelves full of gins, bitters, medicinal teas and much more. The owner is so friendly and informative and after a long chat, we settled on buying quite a few bits and pieces, including a gin making kit and some teas that promised to help us relax and sleep. The shop is really worth a visit but if you can't get to it any time soon, you can buy online or you might find Bath Botanicals at local markets.

We can vouch for the 'Hop to Bed' Valerian-based tea as it helped this long-time insomniac get a deeper sleep for sure but best not mix with alcohol if you don't have the stamina as that was too much of a knock-out drop for us!

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